Jamie Gairns - Director, Technology and Innovation

Jamie Gairns is Director, Technology and Innovation at Offsetters Clean Technology. Jamie has been involved in all facets of Offsetters’ carbon quantification and accounting software solutions, including use case development, technical specifications, commissioning, planning, quality assurance, data validation/verification and customer liaison. In addition, he directs GHG–related research, business and application development, and the operation of Offsetters’ Carbon Business Solutions (CCAMS, FCAMS, COAC-CARS, Nature Bank, Footprinting Solutions, Sustainability Dashboard). Jamie’s specific expertise is in geospatial mapping and remote sensing applications. Throughout his career he has assisted private, national & international agencies in the co-ordination and application of spatial mapping technology to assess agricultural land use. Jamie is also Offsetters representative in the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).Jamie received his B.Sc. in Physical Geography from Carleton University in Ottawa.